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Engineering Design Services

Mantaro provides a full breadth of engineering design services from hardware design (analog, digital, RF) and software design to FPGA, wireless, and robotics design. We can execute on tasked based projects where our staff augments yours to meet the objectives of your project. We also offer specialty services like resolving RFI/EMI issues and integrating wireless power and charging capabilities into your product. To learn more please select one of our services from the menu.

Product Development Services

Mantaro's product development services can meet all of your product design needs by utilizing our full turnkey design services. We can use own product development process or meld directly into the client's methodology by adopting their process to ensure a seamless hand-off at the conclusion of the project. We have experience working in a wide range of industries from Consumer Electronics and Industrial to Medical, Telecom, Test and Measurement, Robotics, and Transportation.

FPGA / ASIC Ethernet IP Cores

Industry tested and proven suite of Ethernet related IP cores from Tri-Mac, 1G, and 10G to 40G and 100G (10x10 and 4x25). We will be releasing 25G and 50G Ethernet cores in the near future as well. (View 100G Ethernet Demo Video)
  • Cores work on both Altera and Xilinx devices
  • Low Latency 32-bit 10G MAC, small footprint 40G and 100G cores
  • DMA cores available for all rates

Robotic Services

Let Mantaro develop a custom robotic solution to meet your specific requirements. Mantaro can rapidly bring a solution to market by leveraging our existing knowledge of robotic systems, library of robotic IP and knowledge of control systems, control software and user interfaces. Whether you need assistive robotics, a simple robotic machine to automate repetitive tasks or a complex telepresence robotic system to stand in for a human in a hazardous area, Mantaro can develop a solution to meet your requirements.

VeroptixTM Ethernet Tester

  • Affordable, compact, low power Ethernet Tester platform
  • Simultaneously test 100G, 40G, and 10G Ethernet traffic
  • Supports CFP, QSFP+, and 10 x SFP+ optical interfaces.
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