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Engineering Design Services

Mantaro provides engineering and product design services and specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) and robotic design. Our services includes a full breadth of engineering design services from hardware design (analog, digital, RF) and software design to FPGA, and wireless design. We also have substantial expertise in resolving complex RFI/EMI issues and integrating wireless power and charging capabilities into your product. Whether you need assistance with a project task or you need us to take on a complete design project we can provide a team to meet your requirements.  Mantaro maintains offices and laboratories in Germantown Maryland where we can design, assemble and test your product.  To learn more about our various design capabilities please select one of our services from the menu.

IE-5000 Cellular Bonder

Multi channelBonder
    The IE-5000 Cellular Bonder provides robust high speed network connectivity for mobile applications.  Whether you need temporary high speed connectivity for a construction site or robust connectivity for first responder applications the IE-5000 is the ideal choice.  The IE-5000 provides a secure high speed VPN connection by bonding 4 cellular radios to create network connectivity.

FPGA / ASIC Ethernet IP Cores

Mantaro's FPGA team has developed and tested many FPGA cores and solutions that are available to drop into an Altera or Xilinx device. Our industry tested and proven suite of Ethernet related IP cores include Tri-Mac, 1G, and 10G to 25G, 40G and 100G (10x10 and 4x25). (View 100G Ethernet Demo Video)


Robot Design Services

construction robot
    Let Mantaro develop a custom robotic solution to meet your specific requirements. Mantaro can rapidly bring a solution to market by leveraging our existing knowledge of robotic systems, library of robotic IP and knowledge of control systems, control software and user interfaces. Whether you need assistive robotics, a simple robotic machine to automate repetitive tasks or a complex telepresence robotic system to stand in for a human in a hazardous area, Mantaro can develop a solution to meet your requirements.

Evaluation & Development Boards

Processed Front View

  • Altera Stratix 10 SoC Development Platform
    • Network Centric Design
    • Highly Integrated, Low-cost, Feature rich
    • Compact 8.15" x 8.4" module
    • Complete FPGA support package available
    • Full suite of Ethernet IP cores available
BV Certification ISO9001 2015 trimmed
It is the policy of Mantaro to establish, document, implement and maintain a Quality Management System as a means of ensuring that products and services conform to specified contractual, business, statutory and regulatory requirements. Mantaro strives to provide our customers with the highest levels of customer satisfaction by delivering quality products and services to the programs we support while fostering an environment of continual improvement.


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